Tuesday, February 13, 2018


I decided to take a Masters of the Universe toy that was slightly broken - one of the hawks, the evil one -- and use the wings on a horse toy I had! This horse had a unicorn horn added with apoxy sculpt, then the wings and a final paint job.

He's up for sale on my etsy page right now!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Anime & Cartoon Seashell Painting

Yeah, I had a bunch of shells and thought... hey, why not? They're for sale if you're interested! Left to right, top to bottom: Jackson Jekyll, Holt Hyde, Piccolo, Zoro timeskip, Zoro, and Sanji.

$10 each shipping included, combined shipping available!

Pay Easily with Paypal: $10

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Litter

I found an old piece on my external drive and touched it up... still makes me giggle after all these years... especially the kemomo kid's butt. LOL

Sunday, October 15, 2017

All the Squishable Designs

Well, I'll never draw for the site again, since if you don't advertise - there's no way you can win (and I'm too busy to advertise on a million sites). Plus there are some other factors that I won't mention that has made me convinced that the site is certainly not what they claim it is. Once again, I didn't realize until I'd submitted a lot of designs ... the "stupid" in me strikes again. Flargh.

However, I'd like to thank all the lovely people that got me to the last round of voting every single time on every single design! Thank you!

Oh, and click for larger image; right click and open in another tab for full size if it doesn't load all the way on your device(s)!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Custom Art Commissions ON ETSY

That's right - I opened a few custom art listings for you lovely, lovely Holiday present-gathering people!

Click here to open the etsy shop link to see the listing :)

The details of the listing are also here:

Like every artist human being alive, I need money. You know, to continue paying the bills and such. So if you like my work, here's a chance to get some for yourself! 

If you are thinking to use my artwork for reference, tracing over, recoloring, etc., please know that I do not allow this. I do not give permission for anyone to do anything with my art except enjoy what I personally post, on-screen. Unless, of course, you are buying my work - then there can be some uses as described by the nature of the sale(s).

Never fear! Professional here. 

I'm a freelance artist of many years with a Bachelor's under my belt in graphic arts/web design. When you buy art from me it will be a professional experience. You will be updated on the progress, shown samples and sign off on a final draft so you know you will be happy. I work quickly and well. It often takes only a few days for me to finish something unless I'm bogged down by a big workload.

Shipping is free because you will not receive a physical copy (unless in-hand is requested or you are buying a crafted item). You will be emailed a downloadable image in whatever file form(s) you want. You can use this on things that you will be enjoying for your personal pleasure. This means please do not mass produce anything that I make for you for any resale scenario.

I have the right, of course, to refuse any request that makes me uncomfortable, and I will not draw or construct anything illegal. This includes fanart (although I can do "homages" where things/people/characters are referenced but do not look "exact").

If this is your first time ordering or you would like some ideas, I'm open to all work and ideas! I can and will draw anything except explicit sexual scenes (romance is fine).

*please note that the item lists "physical copy", but none will be shipped unless specified for further costs. (I wasn't able to figure out how to make it a digital listing without etsy requiring me to upload an image you would receive - even though this is a commission and the image isn't made yet!)

*This listing is for a single character/concept simple full with plain background, or a half/partial semi complex with plain background. You can always ask me if you want more or a specific style, etc, and I'll create a custom listing for you!

Illustration Ideas you can use these for (personal use remember, no resales):

card design for your friends and loved one(s)
dakimakura (body hugging pillows)
character design for roleplay
t-shirt design (single use)
pet/people/item portraits (cartoon, anime, illustration)
game/music/book cover art
avatars and/or banners/signatures
anime/furry/scifi convention badges
poster design (convention/events)
card/sticker design (business, mailing, etc)