Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Art Commission Info

Like every artist human being alive, I need money. You know, to continue paying the bills and such. So if you like my work, here's a chance to get some for yourself! I'll be adding to this page often, so check back if you're interested, or drop me a line.

If you would are thinking to use my artwork for reference, tracing over, recoloring, etc., please know that I do not allow this. I do not give permission for anyone to do anything with my art except enjoy what I personally post, on-screen. Unless, of course, you are buying my work - then there can be some uses as described by the nature of the sale(s).

Never fear! Professional here.
I'm a freelance artist of many years with a Bachelor's under my belt in graphic arts/web design. When you buy art from me - whether it's writing, drawing, a craft or whatever -- it will be a professional experience. You will be updated on the progress, shown samples and sign off on a final draft so you know you will be happy. I work quickly and well. It often takes only a few days for me to finish something unless I'm bogged down by a big workload.

Shipping is free because you will not receive a physical copy (unless in-hand is requested or you are buying a crafted item). You will be emailed a downloadable image in whatever file form(s) you want. You can use this on things that you will be enjoying for your personal pleasure. This means please do not mass produce anything that I make for you for any resale scenario.

If you have reservations about buying direct, I have 2 sale accounts currently that we can do business through. I can sell either on etsy or eBay! Just let me know if this would make you feel more comfortable.

I have the right, of course, to refuse any request that makes me uncomfortable, and I will  not  draw or construct anything illegal. This includes fanart. You may notice I draw tons of fanart for fun, but I will never sell any.

If this is your first time ordering or you would like some ideas, I'm open to all work. Here are some ideas (examples will be linked in "X's" and will be found in many of my art galleries and older accounts as well as new). If something you want isn't listed, ask me! I'd be thrilled to try something new.


  • dakimakura (body hugging pillows)
  • character design: x | x
  • t-shirt design
  • pet/people/item portraits (cartoon, anime, illustration)
  • game/music/book cover art
  • avatars and/or banners/signatures
  • anime/furry/scifi convention badges
  • poster design (convention/events)
  • card/sticker design (business, mailing, etc)
  • horror/fantasy creature pencil sketches: x | x | x


  • photo/image restoration & touch-ups: 
  • sculpture repair/repaint: x | x
  • image/art/item/photo collages: x | x | x | x
  • needle felting/sculpture
  • cartoon sculpture
  • cartoon jewelry/keychains
  • perler bead portraits

Thank you for looking through my work! I appreciate it, and hope we can do business soon.

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